Anti-Flag - "American Reckoning" 3xLP Bundle w/ Screen-Printed Cover

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LIMITED TO 100. This bundle includes Anti-Flag's "American Spring" "American Fall" and "American Reckoning" LPs, as well as a screen printed poster cover that is hand numbered and SIGNED BY ANTI-FLAG. The covers are printed using a blended ink process so each jacket color is unique to itself.

American Reckoning, the new acoustic album from Pittsburgh political punk band Anti-Flag, strips down some of the band’s latest hits to get to the heart of the message. The album features acoustic versions of songs off of their last two albums, American Spring (2015) and American Fall (2017), as well as covers of some of the classics that inspired them. By arranging these songs together, American Reckoning functions as an account of one of the country’s most tumultuous political times told by some of music’s sharpest political minds.

***The cover image is a mock up and doesn't represent the way it will actually turn out once printed***

Track Listing:
1. The Debate Is Over (If You Want It)
2. Trouble Follows Me
3. American Attraction
4. When The Wall Falls
5. Racists
6. Set Yourself On Fire
7. Brandenburg Gate
8. Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
9. For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
10. Surrender (Cheap Trick)

Pressing Information

American Reckoning - opaque white - 300
American Fall - black - unlimited pressing
American Spring - black/pink half and half - 1000