All Dinosaurs - "Rules of Civility and Descent Behavior" LP + MP3 AF057

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"It’s saying something that in trying to situate All Dinosaurs‘ LP “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior” in the grand musical scheme of things, I ended up playing such disparate music as Alexisonfire, Mastodon, Protest The Hero, DRI, and came up empty handed. I still can’t tell with conviction what kind of music the Cleveland, Ohio-based group plays. It’s kind of post-hardcore, and it borrows left and right from melodic and hardcore punk, metalcore, sludge metal, thrash crossover, and other sub genres.

In short, it’s somewhere on the continuum between punk and metal, and if your first thought is that this kind of hybridization (not to call it ambivalence) runs the risk of alienating both kinds of listeners, you are mostly right. For what it’s worth, the same criticism was mounted against DRI when their early career speed punk verged into metal territory. They didn’t give a hoot then, and neither should All Dinosaurs now." -Dying Scene

Pressing Information

Pressed on recycled blend vinyl /500